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Free stories for your Kindle- weekend of April 7th

We’ve just cracked over 12,000 stories given away on the Kindle here at Imagine That! Studios.

This weekend, we aim to give away a bunch more, so get them while they are available!

All Weekend long

Elysium by Emma St. John

Jessie is good at everything. She has to be, since home is so much of a mess. One night, she and her parents head out to a regular event, but along the way Jessie learns that nothing is regular about any of them, and she is fated to stand between humanity and the divine.

The Chronicles of the Last Herald are a YA short story series.

Final Cut– by Jonathan Carter

Warning; this is horror erotica. The darkness of this short story may not be for everyone. The steak is served bloody, so it’s not for children.

Something terrible is in Anna’s mind. Something alien that uses desire as a whip. As she is sent back in time to Victorian London she wonders is it trying to drive her mad or if something even more nefarious is going on?

Sunday Only

Aladdin and His Wonderfully Infernal Device–  by Tee Morris

From the imagination behind the award-winning Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series comes a steampunk novella to a legend from A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

Aladdin is a street-wise thief that finds himself under the tutelage of a world-renown illusionist. He is escorted deep into the deserts in search of a treasure beyond his wildest dreams, and discovers instead something far more valuable—a destiny.


Pip on the Roundtable Podcast

One of our authors Philippa (Pip) Ballantine was recently on the Roundtable podcast for Twenty (or so) minutes, talking character development, mythology, and using what you know to write fantasy.

Also check in next week when Pip and the crew talk to an author still developing a story idea. It’s an insight into how Tee Morris and Pip work on their shared novels in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series.


Welcome back Billi!

Tee Morris is well known for his Billibub Baddings series. The podcast version of The Case of the Singing Sword won the Parsec for Best Audio drama back in 2009, and the print version from Dragon Moon Press was an Honorable Mention in Forward’s Book of the Year award.

cover art by J.R. Blackwell

The reversion of rights to these stories back to Tee Morris has helped clear the way for  digital editions of The Case of the Singing Sword and The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant. However there are plenty of people out there who do not know about Billi and we here at Imagine That! Studios believe it is time for a comeback for one good reason…

Tee Morris wants to write more Billi. Now the only way for him to clear his plate enough to do this is for there to be enough interest to warrant it. Simply put: If Billi sells well enough and we know there is a market for the dwarf detective, then we can strong-arm Tee into producing more.

To that end we’re running a promotion through all of April — Billi’s Cold Case Collection competition.

The rules are simple — help spread the word about Billi. Every tweet you post, every review you give for the two (at the moment) novels on,, and, every Facebook message you send, every picture you pin to Pinterest counts as one entry to this competition.

For tweets and pinterest, use the hashtag #Billisback and we’ll see it. For Facebook please either tag in Tee Morris or Philippa Ballantine. For reviews, please send the link where you posted it to contact AT imaginethatstudios DOT com.

First Prize- the person who has shown the most support for Billi

  1. Bragging rights. You may call yourself Billi’s Biggest Fan
  2. A named character in the next piece of planned Billi fiction—a novella. You can chose to insert yourself, or your loved one into Billi’s world.
  3. A signed hardcover copy of Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris.
  4. Signed copies of Geist and Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine.
  5. A signed copy of The Janus Affair paperback when it is released.
  6. Signed copies of the (now out of) print Dragon Moon Press editions of Singing Sword and Pitcher’s Pendant.
  7. A CD of all the audio Billi episodes in mp3 format—also signed by the author.
  8. ebook versions of all of Imagine That! Studios books on offer as of 1st of May.

There will also be prizes draw randomly from the remaining entrants consisting of epublished versions of all the novellas, short stories and novels, published by Imagine That! Studios on Smashwords. You can view the whole collection here. We will have five bundles of these ebooks to give away (you can download them in your preferred format).

So help spread the word. This is your chance to support Billi, guarantee some more fiction about the dwarf detective, and win some cool swag!

Imagine That! March releases

This month’s releases from our authors were old favorites (like Tee Morris’ the Case of the Singing Sword) and brand new fiction from fresh authors (like Emma St John’s Elysium). They spanned literary fiction, horror, steampunk and erotica.

We hope you are enjoying these titles, and we look forward to bringing you more in the coming months.

Philippa Ballantine


Magic by Gaslight – AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords

Short stories

The Straw Garden – Amazon

The Thorns of Life – Amazon

Jonathan Carter


Contaminated Data – AmazonSmashwords

Short stories

You Can Thank Me Later – AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords

Tee Morris


The Case of the Singing Sword – AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords

Emma St John

Short stories

Elysium – Amazon

Talking scrivener

Two of our authors talk all about Scrivener, their favorite program for writing. They go over the features that they love and talk about some they would like to see.

In summary; creative writers of all stripes will want to check out this program.


Old school and new school

Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine of Imagine That! Studios sit down with fellow author Myke Cole and host John Mierau to talk about book promotion in the new age. They talk brand new methods for authors, but also if some old school approaches still hold up.

Thanks to John for inviting Tee and Philippa onto the show.