Latest Project: Book Trailer

After weeks of content, you may have noticed that Imagine That! went strangely silent. What happened?

We got busy, that’s what! In April and May, things shifted into overdrive with the launch of an ambitious Kickstarter project and production on a book trailer for award-nominated author PJ Schnyder.

Today, we present our latest…

This is one option we offer for video production services, built with stock video and royalty-free music. We also offer voiceover options for the titles as well. The cost of this production came out to $850 which includes the purchase of ten stock video clips.

Imagine That! offers a wide variety of options to make the best video presentation for your needs. Whether it is a Kickstarter project, an upcoming event, or a book trailer like the one above, contact us to find out what we can accomplish within your budget.

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