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The Power of a Share on Facebook

sharingAcross the social media board, perhaps the heaviest of heavy hitters in your online initiative is the house that Zuckerberg built — Facebook. Whether you run a Group Page that nurtures a strong community, a Fan Page granting your brand a new feed, or just a personal page where people can keep tabs on what you’re up to, Facebook remains the most popular of social media initiatives; and with all the up’s and down’s and slings and arrows of trips, stumbles, and “Why did they change that?!” protests, getting the most out Facebook is essential. In my time online though I have noticed a trend that tends to go overlooked. What I see are people stressing the importance of a “Like” on their respective pages. Don’t get me wrong — “Likes” are great and all. It is definitely serious bragging rights when you get a truckload of “Likes” for a posting on Facebook. What I stress to folks when it comes to Facebook — instead of people liking what they see, you really want people to share what they see.

What’s the difference? Quite a bit, actually.

First, you’ll hear many seasoned social media consultants go on about the importance (or, no kidding —ROI or Return on Investment) of a “Like” on Facebook. The “Like” is very important in that it is easily trackable. At a glance, you can see how many times your page or news item has been liked, and your own profile page lets your network know that you have liked something today.

This is where a “Like” on its own falls short. How? Let’s say a posting like “What’s Your Social Media Plan?” goes live on this blog. As you do, I post its link on Facebook, and you like it. The statistic shows up on the article itself and might appear on your profile page, depending on which “look” your Facebook timeline falls into.

Now ask yourself — how is that statistic helping to spread word about or bring new readers to your blog?


When you “Share” an item on Facebook, you have a far more effective method to promote your brand. A “Share” will take the entire item — link, title, associated images, and more importantly its page of origin — and place it in both news feeds and profile walls. This way, not only is your link and Facebook home page appearing on their news feed and personal page, your links are now offered to everyone in their respective networks.

Sharing an item is just as easy as liking an item, provided Privacy Settings allow for sharing. Look at the options on a Facebook post, and you should see they read from left-to-right: Like, Comment, and finally Share. Click on “Share” and add your own note or comment to the item. (You don’t have to. Sharing an item without commenting will still share both your article and your Facebook homepage.) Now instead of just a public statistic, an item when shared is distributed throughout your network and, potentially, networks of your friends.

“Sharing” is tapping into the networking potential of Facebook; and with enough shares, it is very easy to see how quickly one story can go viral. This potential all starts with one person sharing. The more people sharing status updates, postings, and photos and videos, the more assurance you can take that your brand is extending beyond your circles and reaching new audiences. So the next time you are visiting brands you enjoy on Facebook, go one step further and “Share” that item. It may surprise you just how far-reaching that simple gesture will go.

Besides, it’s something we’re taught all through life — it’s good to share.